FAKings – ITALIAN TEEN on a hunt for rookies around Barcelona

ITALIAN TEEN on a hunt for rookies around Barcelona. Mr, mr, I’m lost. Come home with me, I don’t know how to get to it… pretty please
Once again, FAKings takes a babe to the streets of Barcelona. We know how much you liked the last time we got a girl to play lost and to take a rookie to our safehouse. Today we’ve done it again with our most recent signing, spectacularly-bodied teen Silvia Soprano, an Italian babe that will prove us she’s got what’s necessary to be a porn model: being a slut is not enough, you have to be a true rascal. Silvia will have to impersonate a clueless tourist to pick a rookie up that comes with her to the place. And let’s be honest: we suspect it won’t take long tee hee hee… ‘Cause no one of the rookies can’t believe it when they see this spectacular lost teen. Every one of them has doubts, you can see each one of ’em would surely take her but they all have something to do. But, as we told, it doesn’t take long. At last Silvia finds an older dude that doesn’t think twice and ends up coming with our young babe to the apartment, where he will pound her completely… Well, seeing Silvia and her body, we’re sure you would love to know where we do our pickups, wouldn’t you? 😀


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